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Activities for after reading a book (Based on Leap Into Literacy)

Finished reading a book, now what? Below are some activities that children can do after reading a book based on our Leap Into Literacy Projects. 

Make a story skeleton mobile: You will need index cards or thick paper and string for this project. On the head, draw and color the face of the main character. On the chest, draw the setting of the book. On the arms and hands, write the names of the other characters. On the hips, write the title and author. On the legs, write the key events or problem and solution of the book. On the feet, write one thing you liked about the book
Make a poster: Your poster should include at least the title of the book and colored pictures of characters that are in the book. 
Make a cereal box book: Cover a cereal box with paper, to make it look like a big book. Design the book cover, including title and author, and put it on the front of the “book”. Write a blurb for the back cover of the “book”. If your book was fiction, be sure to include the names of the characters, the setting, and the sequence of events (beginning, middle, end) or plot (problem and solution). If your book was nonfiction, be sure to include three interesting facts. 
Make a story quilt:  To make a story quilt you need: nine 6” x 6” squares. On the center square, list the title and author. On the four corner squares, list the characters, setting, and main events. On the other four squares, illustrate important characters, setting, or story events. 
Make a postcard: On the front of the postcard, illustrate the setting of the book. On the back, write a message from one character to another explaining the problem and solution (or key events) of the book. You can use this template to create your postcard. 
Make a mask of one of the characters in your book: To make a character mask you need: poster board or a paper plate, markers or crayons, tape, scissors, and a craft stick. First, draw the character’s face on the poster board or paper plate. Next, cut out holes for your eyes and mouth. Then, color and decorate your mask. Last, tape a craft stick to the back of your mask to make a handle. 
 Make a bookmark: Design a bookmark about your favorite part of the story. 
Make a jigsaw puzzle:   In one piece, write the title and the author’s name. In other pieces, illustrate the characters, the setting, and key events. You may use this template for your puzzle.
Make a stamp:  Include the book’s title and author’s name. For a non-fiction book, include illustrations of the topic you learned about. For a fiction book, include some important details of the story. You may use this template to design a stamp