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Laneview Elementary School

Websites for all grades

Reading Comprehension Practice
Newly-launched, free reading resources for students and families
Videos of stories being read aloud 
Reading comprehension resource using 8 research-based strategies

Websites geared for Kinder-2nd

(Recommendations for 1st graders: Long Vowel Sounds and Digraphs TH, CH, SH & WH in Learn to Read #6 through #10, Vowel Teams #11, and more)
(Recommendations for 1st graders: and High-Frequency Word skill practice ONLY)
Books dedicated to celebrating cultures and languages
Reading materials for PreK- 1st that use leveled readers, phonic activities and more

Websites geared for 3rd-5th

Students in grades 2-8 can learn literacy skills through these fun games.

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