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About Laneview

"A Place to Reach for the Stars"
Laneview School is built on a partnership between students, staff, parents and extended community members.  The staff provides many opportunities for students to implement and extend their classroom learning concepts and strategies.  We value the opportunities for choice and to apply learned skills to real life experiences building on each student's academic and personal confidence.   We firmly believe in building life long skills.

What Do Our Students Learn?
All Laneview students participate in a variety of learning activities designed to give them opportunities to shine as stars in many different ways.  We believe in balanced instruction which provides challenging and stimulating programs.  All students are expected to master the state curriculum standards for each subject at their grade level.  Standards are expectations of what students need to know and be able to master in each subject area.  Laneview School has several unique school wide programs; Math Mind Research Institute (Jiji), our English Language Learner Program to complement our base programs of reading/language arts, mathematics, history/social science and science, SEAL (Sobrato Early Academic Language) to support our K-3rd grade students in their acquistion of the English language, and AVID (Advancement Via Individualized Determination) to support our 3rd-5th grade students in enhancing their skills that will support them in College and Career Readiness.  We follow and implement the Berryessa Union School Distinct lifelong learning standards.  These are life skills needed to be successful both as students and as adults in their community. 

How Can Parents Help Their Children Excel At Laneview?
Parents are a child's first teacher.  When children come to school, parents become partners with the school in the formal education program of their children.  To fully benefit from every educational opportunity students need to attend everyday, be on time and be ready to be an active participant.  We believe in a balanced instruction day which provides challenging and stimulating lessons everyday.

Specialized Programs
Laneview is very fortunate to incorporate four Autism Special Day Classes on our campus.  We take pride in our specialized staff, inclusion of students and the support programs to provide positive learning experiences.  Our Title 1 program has provided extended funds to support our afterschool programs to supplement the learning of students challenged at their grade level.
A Safe and Successful Environment
To promote a safe and orderly environment, all staff reinforce school rules with students on a daily basis.  The Behavior Expectations which are included in the Student and Parent Handbook outline general expectations for behavior as well as specific rules and consequences.  The school staff works with children who need help in developing appropriate social and problem solving skills.  Everyone plays a part in making Laneview a school in which we can be proud.